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Top 10 Tips: How To Throw The Best Party

We all want to throw the best party to celebrate a special event in your

life or someone else’s. Planning a party can be stressful for some

people. Being organized can reduce the stress and make having the

party very enjoyable. There are several things to prepare for first.

1. Choose a host or several hostesses to help with the cost of

having an event.

2. Pick a theme that will be pleasing to the guest of honor and

purchase decorations and tableware to match.

3. Decide how many guests you would like to invite and begin

preparing a guest list.

4. Look for a venue or home to host the event that will

accommodate all the guests and enough parking.

5. Call the venue and schedule a date to host the event.

6. Begin ordering invitations or using one of the online sites like

7. Plan the caterer or assign food to the several hostesses that

will be helping.

8. Contact a company or person that can help with any large

balloon arches if you want them.

9. Arrive and have plenty of time to decorate and allow for food


10. Have a music playlist that is pleasing to the majority of

guests or a video using an HDMI or a thumb drive.

Arrive and set up and then just have a great time celebrating a loved


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